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Felting is the process by which natural wool fiber is stimulated by friction to bind loose fibers together. Natural, unprocessed wool has scaly fibers, which when moistened and agitated bond together, creating a denser fabric. Using a variety of layering and wool colors, beautifully crafted objects ranging from dolls to purses can be created. Handwork […]

Watercolor Painting

Unlike oil or acrylic painting, where the paints essentially stay where they are placed, watercolor painting is a much more fluid process, involving the application of pigments and their interaction within a watery medium. Utilizing a wet-on-wet approach, students will become familiar with how form flows into being and the effects of intermingling colors, creating […]


Drawing exercises train fine motor skills, develop hand/eye coordination and have a calming effect on the inner life. Black and white drawing exercises focus on line and form and the dynamic interplay of light and darkness. Pencil drawing, in particular, with its fine, clear line “sharpens” the intellect; our faculty of objective thinking. Drawings using […]